Welcome to Your Discovery

My name is Rox, although I am known by other monikers; Rox the Fox, Silent Hill Nerd, and sometimes Madame -- it really depends who you are.

Whilst I look gorgeous with a riding crop in my hand, I am not a traditional Domme. I still very much enjoy girlfriend experiences and spending time with those who have little or no interest in kink. I love to be on top (it's a good view for you), but my flexibility and empathy in the bedroom gives me a unique skillset that I embrace thoroughly. I range from your cuddly big-tiddy goth girlfriend, to the keeper of your control and will. Where you fall upon this spectrum is entirely up to you.

Away from my playroom, I have interests in video games, psychology, indie film, art, writing and poetry, and simply learning. The mark of a great mind, in my opinion, is one that can be changed.

I don't offer a 'persona' so much as I offer myself as I am; I am genuine, funny, and playful, with a deep streak of naughty. I am often complimented on my ability to put people at ease; it's normal to be nervous when meeting new people, and adding the dimension of sexual contact certainly ups the ante!

I accept clients who are new to seeing an escort, as well as clients who are new to submission/BDSM. I also see clients who have dabbled in kink, but are seeking to explore something new. And finally, I simply love being social; you can book me for dinner, or a date, or to hang out and play video games.

I pride myself on discretion, your comfort, and safety for both of us.

I am a lover of both men and women, love body positivity and discussions about sexual health and safety, as well as advocating for those suffering from mental illnesses. I believe in an open dialogue. I believe that respecting a woman is the sexiest thing in the world. I believe that practicing kindness is the most important thing you can do for yourself and those around you.

I am verified on Scarlet Blue here and here.

Below you'll find out a bit more about me physically. Don't keep me waiting.

The Lowdown

My Stats

Age: 33

Body Type: BBW Hourglass

Bra Size: Natural 16G/38G

Clothing size: 16 - 18 AU

Shoe Size: 11 AU/US

Height: 5'10"/176cm

Weight: 108kg

Skin: Pale with some freckles

Hair: Black, shoulder length

A Bit Deeper

Gender: Cisgendered Female 

Relationship: Polysexual

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: Australian; broad accent from travel

Race: Caucasian

Other: 3 Tattoos, Scars on left arm, Double pierced ears, Pierced tragus. 

Services Offered


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