Welcome to the Real You

My name is Madame Rox, and I'm an unconventional BBW dominatrix, specialising in exploration of the uncommon psyche, and submission with a focus on empathy.

What you will begin to understand is that you're not really here to learn about me. You're here to learn about you.

I am here to create a world for you to inhabit whilst you are in-session with me, and for you to retreat to in the eye of your mind when we are apart. I aim to keep you thinking. I aim to be the reason you can't quite fall asleep at night. I will be the network of throbbing veins beneath your skin; keeping you alive, nourished and enthralled.

I do not dominate with cruelty unless the occasion specifically calls for it. You will find me witty, intelligent and engaging; I will make you laugh, I will make you feel safe, and I will become your home.

I offer exclusive sessions for submissives and slaves in Perth, Western Australia. I do see those new to this world, and offer a guiding hand into submission. I also see seasoned subordinates who seek to push their boundaries further. I am a strong advocate for kink safety, and all sessions take place with strict consent and rules, as well as aftercare post-session. I appreciate the value of discretion.

I announce tours on this site, as well as my Twitter, where you'll get the best feel for my personality. I offer fly me to you experiences at your expense, both interstate and internationally; contact me to discuss this.

Away from my playroom, I have interests in video games, psychology, indie film, art, writing & poetry, and simply learning. The mark of a great mind, in my opinion, is one that can be changed.

I am a lover of both men and women, an advocate for body positivity and discussions about sexual health and safety, as well as an open dialogue for those suffering from mental illnesses. I believe that respecting a woman is the sexiest thing in the world. I believe that practicing kindness is the most important thing you can do for yourself and those around you.

You will find me in-call in the Perth CBD, always discrete. 

The Lowdown

My Stats

Age: 33

Body Type: BBW Hourglass

Bra Size: Natural 16G/38G

Clothing size: 16 - 18 AU

Shoe Size: 11 AU/US

Height: 5'10"/176cm

Weight: 108kg

Skin: Pale with some freckles

Hair: Black, shoulder length

A Bit Deeper

Gender: Cisgendered Female 

Relationship: Polysexual

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: Australian; broad accent from travel

Race: Caucasian

Other: 3 Tattoos, Scars on left arm, Double pierced ears, Pierced tragus. 



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