Booking and Companionship Policies

  1. Deposits are required for almost all bookings. This is to ensure that I am compensated for my time, should there be a cancellation. Deposits are to be made via Beemit (preferred) or Square invoice (2.9% fee applies to deposit if using Square). Both of these methods are completely anonymous and discrete for both of us. This amount is deducted from the session when we meet. I expect the remainder of my fee in cash before we begin our time together.
  2. I require 24 hours or more notice in order to cancel a booking. If you cancel our booking outside of this time frame, your deposit is non-refundable.
  3. I require a contact number that is verifiable. I am discrete and will not contact this number unless requested. If I am unable to verify your phone number, I may ask for a secondary form of identification. This is for my security and my eyes only, and will not be retained after our session together. I am only able to offer a deeply intimate experience with you if I feel safe. If I cannot verify your identity, I retain the right to refuse a booking. I do understand that this can be a concern for some clients, and I am happy to refer you to individuals who can vouch for my vocation as a professional escort - please see my affiliates page for a few.
  4. I always do my best to see clients, but I will not put you at risk. If I am ill or otherwise incapacitated and I cancel our booking, your deposit is either fully refundable or can be retained for a future booking if you so desire.
  5. Similarly, if you are unwell and present with a communicable illness such as a cold or the flu, I will not continue with our session and you will forfeit your deposit. If you are unwell, please give me 24 hours notice to reschedule the booking.
  6. If you present at our session visibly intoxicated - be it from liquor or another substance - I will cancel the session and require you to leave. Your deposit will not be refunded.
  7. I do not mind if you have a drink or two during our time together, although I personally will not partake in alcohol with you. However, I do request that you remain in control of your faculties. Intoxication will not be tolerated, for my safety and for your own.
  8. I do not tolerate illegal drug use during any of my sessions. If you suggest it or use a substance in front of me, I will cancel our time together, and you will forfeit payment and your deposit. I will most likely not see you again.
  9. If you present at our session with a visible STI (such as a cold sore on the mouth or abrasions on the genitals), I will not proceed with the appointment, and you will forfeit your deposit.
  10. I require my clients to have a brief shower before we begin our time together.
  11. I am tested regularly (once a month) to ensure that I am healthy and free from sexually transmitted diseases or infections. I always use and supply condoms when penetrative sex is expected. I will use my own condoms, please do not bring your own. If you have a latex allergy, I can accommodate you. The use of condoms is not a term up for negotiation. If you ask for sex without protection, I will cancel our time together, you will forfeit your deposit, and I will not see you again.
  12. If you are rude, abusive, or do not adhere to the services allowed within your time, I will terminate our time together, and you will forfeit payment and deposit. It is unlikely I will book with you again.
  13. I do not offer services that are illegal under Australian law. We both know these boundaries. If you ask for an illegal service, you will be refused and I will not see you again.
  14. You may not take photos or video of our time together without my express permission.
  15. Proceeding with a booking implies that you have read and understood these terms as written.

Where can you meet me?

I currently work out of a luxurious private Burswood in-call. I also sometimes see clients out of plush, clean and discrete Perth CBD hotels. I do not do out-calls, unless they are to reputable hotels.

Make a good impression!

Before contacting me, please make sure you have read the above terms, and my FAQ page. The more polite and direct you are, the faster I will respond to you, and the faster we can make a booking! I pride myself on respect, discretion and empathy, and I expect the same from you.

Contact Me

Please include as much detail , and I will get back to you!

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