Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to provide identification?

This is purely for my safety, and my eyes only. If I feel unsafe, I am unable to offer you a truly indulgent and engaging experience. Discretion is one of my top priorities; after our session, your identification information will be deleted. I require identification in the form of a mobile phone, business or personal phone number, and I must be able to verify this number. If I require a license, passport or proof of identity card, you may block out the ID number and your address, but not your name or face. See my bookings page for more information.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Just like any other service provider, my time is valuable. If I arrange to book us a hotel and go to the trouble of dolling up and dressing to the nines and you decide not to show, it can be a real heart-breaker! The deposit is there to ensure that I am covered for some expenses, should something go wrong. The deposit is deductible from the overall fee of our session. I understand that emergencies happen; if given enough notice, the deposit may be refunded at my discretion. Please see my bookings page for further information.

Please be assured that I am a professional companion and am certainly not interested in 'running away' with your deposit when seeing you as a valued client will be much more beneficial for both of us (I like sex as much as you)! I am verified on many websites, including Scarlet Blue.

Is your figure natural?

Yes! My big breasts are more than handfuls, and are completely my own. I am a 16G cup size. I have a narrow waist and a big derriere. And you know what they say about thick thighs ;)


Are those scars on your arm?

Yes. I got them in an accident about five years ago. They don't hurt me, and they can't hurt you. If you would prefer me to cover them up whilst with you, I am happy to accommodate. If you would like to know further details on how they came about, I am more than happy to tell you during our time together - although I hope you'll have other things on your mind. ;) They are a part of me and a part of my life, and I am not bothered by questions about them in-person.

I am disabled or otherwise incapacitated. Can you cater to me?

Yes! I will need you to discuss your needs with me so I can be sure the room is completely accessible to you. I will also need a brief description of your condition so I can plan ahead how best to cater to your needs. Please let me know when enquiring if you are on a government pension or with the DVA and provide proof of pension/DVA card, and I will discount our session by 10%. I require you to bring this ID with you to the session, too.

What do you do?

The majority of what I offer is in my services page. If you are unsure about a service I offer, please ask about it when you fill in a booking request. I will be dressed in my favourite lingerie (unless otherwise requested), and I will bring my toys with me. These include vibrators, prostate massagers, cockrings, and dildos. My BDSM toys include whips, floggers, paddles, Wartenberg wheels, shibari rope, and more. If you would like to play with a specific toy, please let me know so we can discuss acquiring it. Please do not bring your own toys.

I love to play video games, but at the moment I don't have any portable 2 player consoles! If you would like to play, please bring your own and your chosen games (and two controllers). If you'd like to help me get a Nintendo Switch (I need to play BotW!), an EB Games Gift Card would make me so happy! My favourite games are PC based, but I prefer the PS4 over the Xbox.

What don't you do?

Like all providers, I have my hard 'no's. I do not currently offer Pornstar Experiences, as this does not match my personality - I prefer my clients to feel like their time with me is genuine. I do not offer anal on myself, including fingers, toys, or other penetration. I do not offer bondage play on myself - I am not a switch escort. It goes without saying that I do not offer anything illegal. I also do not offer penetrative services without a condom or protection. Asking for a session without protection from me will result in no further communication.

Will you wear a type of lingerie for me/a costume?

Yes! We all have fantasies, and I am happy to fulfill yours. Most of my lingerie is black, strappy and/or lacy, but if you are looking for something different, we can always discuss. If it's very specific and I don't have anything suitable, I may require you to purchase it in advance. I am a makeup artist as well as an escort and am happy to create a 'look' that you enjoy for our time together. For instance, if you love a red lip, let me know! If you like a more natural look, I'm happy to do that, too. I need glasses to see, but I wear contacts with clients so my glasses don't bonk against your face! I wear lenseless glasses because let's face it, nerds are cute.

Do I need to bring a gift with me?

Absolutely not, unless you would really like to! Gifts are always appreciated and a very sweet gesture. My favourite gifts are giftcards to Sephora, Mecca, and Honey Birdette. I am secretly waiting for a suitor to bring me a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch! I adore peonies and roses. I love luxury chocolate from Koko Black.